Say HELLO to Herbal Pro's posture corrector and say goodbye to backaches, stiff necks, increased spinal pressure and/or poor digestive health and uneven weight around the tummy.

Herbal Pro's posture corrector not only relieves the pain caused by bad posture, but it also reduces spinal pressure, increases metabolism and improves digestive health.

Our posture corrector is one of the best in the market and offers a one size fits all device for both men and women. It is adjustable, durable, comfortable and can be worn over or under your clothes. It is effective and very easy to use. The posture corrector also comes with underarm pads which makes it super comfortable if you choose to wear it for an extended period. 

Order now for just 5,400 naira. First 50 orders gets a 500 naira discount. Delivery available nationwide. 

If you need more information about Herbal Pro's posture brace or any of our products, please contact us HERE or via email info@herbalpro.com, call us 0818 610 8888, WhatsApp +234 8183078888. Follow EZ Slim on social media: Facebook @HerbalProNG, Twitter @EZSlimng, and Instagram @HerbalProNG.


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