#FITNESSFACT: 5 reasons you should include EZ Slim in your daily routine

Imagine this. 2 years ago, you were a size 8 or 10 and all of a sudden you wake up one morning and find out your size 14 dress is too tight, your sleeves no longer fit and your belly is all over the place. Even though you know this change did not come overnight, you are faced with the reality that you need to lose weight. Now comes the difficult part. How do you find the best weight loss product for you?  One that is effective, simple to use and has no side effects especially in the future?  

EZ Slim is a herbal weight loss capsule. EZ Slim is made up of natural ingredients that when combined gives users the best weight loss results without side effects. The action of EZ Slim is in 3 stages. Detoxification, Ketosis and Weight loss. Here are 5 facts backed by scientific research why EZ Slim is the best weight management remedy for you.

*Research shows that for weight loss to happen, detoxification must occur. Detoxification removes harmful toxins in the body. These toxins build up in the fat cells and limit the body from getting the nutrients it needs. EZ Slim contains several ingredients known for their detoxification abilities.

*Studies show that food addiction is a major cause of weight gain. EZ Slim contains Stellaria Media which acts as an appetite suppressant which ensures portion control. It also functions as a suppressant for junk food cravings.

*Short-term studies suggest that intermittent fasting is an effective weight loss tool. EZ Slim encourages intermittent fasting by encouraging users to eat at the recommended time of the day.

*Scientific facts show that proper metabolism is important in weight loss. EZ Slim contains Triphala Extracts that acts to boost metabolism and Daytohimbin which provides energy both of which is important to weight loss. 

*Water is an important part of healthy living and also weight loss. EZ Slim encourages users to drink water and also the detoxification process also triggers the need to consume lots of water.

Most importantly, EZ Slim is very easy to use. Just 1 capsule a day is all you need. We also encourage that you eat more protein, fruits and vegetables. A pack of EZ Slim contains 18 capsules for 18 days which is a complete cycle. EZ Slim is safe and effective. It has no side effects and does not affect fertility. We only advise pregnant and nursing women not to use EZ Slim.

Just visit our website to order or call our office on 0818 610 8888, 08183078888. You can also order through our social media handle @HerbalProNG on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, send a mail to or walk into our office at 25b Ladoke Akintola Street, GRA Ikeja Lagos.


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