Herbal Pro's adult Face-mask with Respirator

One of the problems faced by people wearing facemask is the inability to breathe comfortably after a while. Having 3 layers of cloth between you and the air you need may cause lightheadedness, dizziness, tightness of your chest, feeling faint and disorientation. 

The most dangerous is that you are likely to breathe in the carbon dioxide you breath out without an adequate amount of oxygen. This has caused the trend of people wearing facemask around their jaw instead of around their nose and mouth or not wearing them at all.
Herbal Pro's facemask with respirator solves this problem. Made from spandex/lycra material, the Herbal Pro's facemask is comfortable around the skin with elastic ear loops that do not put pressure on the ears. It protects completely and has hypoallergenic filtration capacity.
Its exhalation valve allows smooth breathing, easy passage of oxygen and carbon dioxide and reduces heat and moisture accumulation.
The Herbal-Pro respirator mask comes pre-sterilized and easy to maintain. It can be hand washed and airdried. We advise that mask should be returned to its nylon envelope when not in use and should be hand washed as need with water and soft soaps.

Pre-order the Herbal Pro Face-mask with ventilator HERE 

Just visit our website to order or call our office on 0818 610 8888, 08183078888. You can also order through our social media handle @HerbalProNG on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, send a mail to or walk into our office at 25b Ladoke Akintola Street, GRA Ikeja Lagos.


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