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Tips for a Healthy Morning Routine During Lockdown

One of the challenges of staying indoors is that most times our mornings start very late with very few activities unlike before when most mornings are filled with preparations to go out.  For a healthy lifestyle, it is important to keep active especially in the morning and during the day. So here are 5 tips on how to ensure you have a healthy morning routine every morning during this time. 1. Have a list of things penned down which you intend to do the next day. This preparation just before bed allows you to have a rough plan for the...

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If you are fitness conscious, then you must have heard the saying 'If you love your life, do some cardio'. Cardio is not just a set of exercises that keeps you fit. Cardio exercises help you burn fat, lose weight and also improves your health. The great thing about Cardio is that there are plenty alternatives to choose from. Any form of exercise that gets your heart rate up into your target heart rate zone is a cardio exercise, although, there are some exercises that give you more edge and ensure you get there faster. There is no right combination of cardio exercise. You just need to enjoy your workout...

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